måndag 6 januari 2014

I'm back!

So I've been away from blogging for a while but now i'm back taking care of the blog, keeping it updated :)

It hasn't been much travelling with (or without) kids lately, except for our annual visit to the christmas-fair/market at Liseberg (amusementpark) in Gothenburg, despite the weather we had a really nice day there at our daughters birthday.

Sharing some pictures of the typical green rabbits who live there and of the Paris-wheel and the cute little shops that appear at christmas in the park.

At the moment our family are planning a trip to LA next christmas, so if anyone of you readers out there have any family-friendly ideas about what to do, where to stay etc, please share in a comment below! Never been to the States so hopefully it'll be a dream vacation!
Hopefully we'll get to Dubai during 2014 aswell, we'll see ;) Looked into the Tamani ( i think tht was the name of it) hapartment hotel in Dubai Marina, seems like good value for not so much money!