onsdag 16 juli 2014

Playing around again - Legoland, Spain and more!

This blog hasn't been active for a while because I have had so many other things to focus on but now I have a job that allows me to spend more time on the blog - and most important of all - more time time to travel! As neither of us parents are made of Money we mainly travel Europé and of course our own lovely country here in Scandinavia - Sweden :)

This summer (august) we're going to Benalmadena, Spain (near Malaga), where none of us has ever been before and we're so excited! I've never been that far South in Europe before and am of course hoping for great weather and fantastic family days spent on the beach. Since I discovered Pinterest a while ago I've come across a ton of tips and tricks for packing, flying and travelling with kids, I'll try most of them and then update you on how/if they worked!

But it's already summer and we've had a couple of great weatherdays here in Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia too :p I work 24-hour shifts wich gets me a lot of free time, the kids have summerholiday from school and so does my husband who's a teacher - a lot of time for adventures that is!

So in June we went to Denmark for a visit to Legoland - that can be reeeeally expensive with three kids but we managed to get away rather cheap by camping in our tent at Legoland Holiday Village - great Place where u can bring your own tent or Caravan, or stay in their Indian tents. Playground, playroom with Nintendo and wifi, good hygien spaces such as family bathrooms etc.
Our kids loved their first tent - experience!

The tickets to Legoland are also cheaper if u by them at the Holiday village, and u get an extra day for free! And yes - you do need an extra day, especially if your kids are over 3 yrs old and like to go on the rides ;)

If you want to stay in more of a city than Billund is I can strongly recommend to find a b&b or similar in Vejle, about 30 min by car from Legoland - and in that case, don't miss the restaurant Spisegalleriet where u can try dishes like camel or alligator or just enjoy their huuuuge sallads buffet.

Tip: If you're planning a trip to Legoland Billund this summer try to go on aug 16th - Danish musicician Rasmus Seebach will be there playing and he's just lovely to listen to for the adults!

Another tip is that places like this often place offers in children's comic books, cereal packages ets. For example we found our coupons on the package of some hamburger bread we bought - "buy one children's ticket and get an adult ticket for free" (adult prices start at 13 yrs old, and kids under 3 are free of charge).

And while speaking of amusementparks and we're living close to Skara Sommarland (, a big water/amusementpark here in Sweden) we have seasoncards this year so a lot of daytrips there - and of course we'vee been to my hometown Gothenburg and the wonderful amusementpark Liseberg (, so here are some pictures from there aswell.

Neo with his beloved Liseberg-rabbit in the Liseberg-rabbit boatride :)

Other days off are spent on one of the many beaches around the area where we live (close to the lake Vänern) - I'll update you on what to bring and what is better left at home for more space in the car when planning a beachday with your kids tomorrow! Looking forward to blog on a Daily bases again!

Mariestad and Vänern, Sweden

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