söndag 16 februari 2014

Sports holiday in Sweden

So the sports-holiday, spread over three weeks in february dependibg on where in Sweden you live, has come to an end for our family. As both me and my husband are teachers we get the privilige to spend school-holidays together with our kids :)

This week we spent a few days in Skåne in the south of Sweden (rain , rain, rain....) and a day in northern Germany, most of it in Timmendorfer Strand where we discovered a huge (at least it seemed huge from the outside) spa and waterland (ostsee therme & hotel -
, an aquarium (sealife), a lovely beach for walks this time of year and probably great for swimming during summer, and lots and lots of luxurious holiday-homes along the beach.

There are lot's of things to do with kids in Germany, amusementparks, water-palaces etc. and the prices are good, we got a full dinner with soda and desserts for our 3 kids and beer for the father for around 50 euro :)

I also tried to find some flea-markets in Skåne at the way home as it's known as a little flea-marjet kingdom here in Sweden, but most of the good ones are only open during weekends this time of year.
Although I did find some stuff further up north, some clothes and cute mini-drawer for my sons room.

I love vintage, retro and fleamarkets and often try to find them at our trips (guess my lucky reaction when i realized the street outside our hotel in Paris turned into a huge fleamarket every saturday ;), sometimes I find stuff sometimes I don't but the great thing is you don't look for certain things, cause you don't know what you are looking for until you find it!

That's why I looked around at home for some money today as I knew I was going to drive by a local fleamarket on the way to picking up my son. I found around 5 euro and came home with The Desperate Housewives cookbook (what a thing ;), a really goodlooking noteboard for our hallway and a really nice abc-book :D

Next school-holiday is right before easter, in april. It's ten days and I'd really like to go on a kid-friendly trip somewhere warner than here -it'll have to be a budget one though as i also want to finish renovating our house this spring and summer :p- so who knows, maybe I can give you some budget holidaytips afterwards!

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