fredag 15 augusti 2014

Benalmadena - travelling there with three kids made easy :)

This year on my very short summer vacation, we went to a lovely Place called Benalmadena, just outside Malaga, in Spain. None of us having been there before we were all very excited of course!

To prepare our kids¨aged 4, 7 and 11 we showed them this great "touristguidevideo" when we told them where we were going:

Very informative for all of us! (I found the same translated to Swedish so I am sure it can be found in other languages too).

When it came to packing we used a lot of tips and tricks from the internet and they turned out great!
For our 6 Days I packed 6 outfits/child and it was more than enough. I also packed their swimwear and nightwear in their own carry-ons and I only packed one toilleterie-bag for all of us (yes your hair gets clean with kids' shampoo too ;). 
This way we had 4 bags on 5 people, leaving us the possibility to bring an extra carry-on to fill with any shopping that we may do.
We also saved the money it would have cost to check in a larger bag - and if it hadn't been for the stroller we wouldn't have had to wait for anything at the airport either.

A few Pictures from our flight from Stockholm, Sweden to Malaga, Spain!

 Roll the clothes, pack inside shoes and put the shoes between the poles at the pull out handle, put underwear, swimwear etc in separate ziplock bags and pack items that has more than one ourpose (like a fancy swimsuit that duoubles as a top and goodlooking runningshoes that you can wear in town aswell) - and you can fit 1-2 weeks packing in a carry-on without overweight!

 Having a little kid who loves running around it was great having this ergo baby carrier that allows you to carry a child up to 20 kg! I had him on my back after security check while boarding and then when he'd fallen asleep during landing he could continue his nap although we didn't have the stroller and I had both hands free beeing able to pull 1-2 bags or holding the other children's hands :)

This was a Little about the flight, tomorrow I'll update you on how our first days in Benalmadena were and my do's and don'ts of the touristattractions we tried.

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