torsdag 24 juli 2014

3 days to my vacation, 10 days to our trip to Spain....

...and I've already packed!
Yepp, besides from toiletteries my bag is actually done. And there is space left. And I swear, I have never, ever been this organsied when it comes to travelling, this time I've really thougt the outfits through, and hopefully didn't over - or underpacked :)

Tips from Pinterest I'm trying this year:

* Don't fold - roll! Takes a lot less space and the clothes doesn't wrinkle.

how to pack for a 10 day trip in a carry-on - be sure to read this one when I'm ready to pack

* Fill footwear with socks, underwear or other "small" clothes-items like tanktops or swimsuits for saving space.

* Put shoes in between the steelracks on the bottom of your carry-on, extra space there that you don't always think of!

* Put chargers, earphones etc in a box for glasses and put a spiral from a pen around the phonecharger so it doesn't break. Then put it with your phone and other electronics in a zipperbag for easy acces in security-control. Also put your travelsized fluids like toothpaste and foundation and medicin if you're travelling with that, in another see-through zipperbag for fast and easy security-check :)



- And don't forget to do this with your razor so u can bring it on the plane - maybee ;)

* The kids' bags:
- I've Always had the motto of never packing more for each kid than they can pull/carry by themselves in their own carry-on, and I've never felt they had to little with them.

This year I,m also trying out some great tips from my beloved Pinterest that are:

* Put one  whole outfit per day in see-throuhg zipperbag (u can reuse them for the next trip :), and then they can choose one every day on holiday, such a time-saver! I also put swimwear in one, pyamas in one and festive clothing in one. Saves space too as you can press out all extra air.

* Minimize footwear, one good pair to walk in on the plane and one more pair in the suitcase and maybe a pair of flipflops too if you're going on a beach-trip.

* Toys are better left at home - on a holiday you should discover new things ;) One "can't-sleep-without-teddybear", a favouritebook, something to draw on/with and an Ipad or similar is often enough to keep kids entertained during the flight.
We often by the kids one magazine each at the airport too.
If your kids love lego this could be a good idea too (u could do the same with a favourite magnetic puzzle):

* If you're flying at evening/night - pack a pyjamas and let the small kids slip into that on the plane - easier to get them to sleep and easy to put them to bed when you arrive at your destination late at night.

This way we manage to keep luggage at one handluggage each for 1-2 weeks! It's not the end of the world if they use the same t-shirt for 2 days if one gets dirty and u can always do a little washing-up in the bathroom-zink with shampoo if u don't have acces to a washing-machine. But we always pack a couple of extra underwear just in case :)

For more genius tips for travelling visit

Happy travelling!

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