tisdag 15 oktober 2013

Welcome to Playing Around - a blog about trips with kids in Europe

As a mother of three and aswell as my husband and kids loving to travel and discovering new places and things to do, I wanted to share our experiences and also help my readers find good offers and family deals.

The title came to my mind as the blog will mainly concentrate on how you can dicover through a child's point of wiev, through their eyes :)

Based in Sweden I'll try to make rather specific guides of Scandinavian cities and then do my best to guide to the rest of Europe, of course starting with those where I've been most recently, that's why I'll start with Paris as I just got back from a lovely city break there, 2 adults, 3 children, 3 nights and flight - cost us about 1000 euros, including money spent there!

So while you're exploring my blog and where to go in Europe, I'll do my best to create a great inspirational blog. I'd be really grateful if you wrote to me in a comment or by mail what you'd like to read about!

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