lördag 19 juli 2014

It will be a day at the beach(es)!


Today we will take the children on a small bike- adventure on a carfree Island just outside our city. The island is called Brommö and has only one house where the man who drives the ferry lives all year round - therefor it'll be essential that we pack enough food, drinks etc - so here's my list!
Neo, who's almost four, will be riding in the car´t behind my bike on wich we will put his litte bike on too s he can ride it as much or little as he wants to. The cart will also hold some of our supplies :)

So anyway, the packlist:

* Bikes

* One change of clothes /extra sweater if it gets cold each

 * Swimwear

* Sandtoys (remember to bring at least as many shevels as u have kids so them ;) Or just bring plastic cones - works as shevels, buckets and to make sandcastles from. On a bike trip with kids you need to minimize packing as much as u can.

* Some kind of ball, frisbee or similar.

* Umbrella, for shade at the beach for the small kids.

* Water/drinks - a lot!

* Picknick food that u know the kids like/will eat, snacks fruit. For hot days watermelons are great, but heavy ;) Don't forget a good knife, spoons etc. Easy-to-reach snacks can be a Life-saver too!

* Bugs-offspray and aloe vera or similar for bites

* Patches and tick-plucker

* Picknick-blanket

That's it!
Now we need to get packing :)
I'll update u with photos tonight.

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