tisdag 7 oktober 2014

Girls' trip to Paris coming up!

Yeay - my daughter's Xmas gift is booked and payed (sch! it's a surprise ;) In the end of January me and my friend will take our daughters to Playtime Paris -to shop for the latest kids' fashion and just have a blast - we found a reeeaally cheap flight and what seems to be a great budget hotel so we'll have a Little Money left to spend :Since we left Paris the last time my daughter has wanted to go back so I hope she'll be really happy - it's just for a few days but it seems that we'll have time for both the eiffel Tower (been to paris several times but never been up!), the Play Time Paris expo and on day for shopping and playing around at the great playgrounds - for example in Jardin de Luxembourg, perfect stop between shopping Sprees ;) Can't wait! But of course first we have christmas coming up and I have a few more days of vacation, would really like to go to a christmas market in Germany for example...