måndag 28 oktober 2013

Sorry I haven't been around at Playing Around for a short while!

Part of the city of Mariestad where I live. Me and my husband got married in this church in 2009.

     Beautiful wievs and wonderful beaches, summertime this town is at its best :)

We've had so much to do on the house we're living in and redecorating so I haven't been able to find the time to work on the blog these last few days, but that changes from now on! Neither have I had the time to book our trip to Lisbon or a skiing-trip but I do have some propositions for you at what to do if the children are off school and youto have the day off - like our school-holiday next week.

Of course there is always things like going to amusementparks (that are open) or aqualands, but it gets quiet expensive if you've got a couple of kids like we do, and also it's fun and interesting to do something else.

My kids have npow reached the age when they all want to discover, and at the moment they love museums, not just the big "kid-friendly" ones, but also artmuseums (they choosed the Louvre in Paris themselves) and smaller museums like the ones about the city you're currently in or museums that specialize in a certain subject.

As we live in a small city there aren't very many museums around so we often go when we're at citytrips in Europe or visiting grandma and grandpa in Gothenburg, where you can visit about 5 museums how much you like for 1 year för around 4 euros. Children go for free up to the age of 18 :)
Many museums offer playareas with the theme of the museum, like "Sjöfartsmuseet" (= museum of  maritime) in Gothenburg, who's got a big ship for the children to play in at the top floor for example.

We also go to discover new tings in our own town, when we had a visitor from France and wanted to show him the city we went to the main church and discovered they had a little activity for kids in families who visited - there was a little brochure telling about different mice and through the stories of the mice the story of the church was told to the children while they tried to find all the mice . I love discovering things like that for the kids to do!

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