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Capitals of Scandinavia



The capitals here in Scandinavia offers great citylife with kids, there is lots of fun activities for kids and it's close to nature.

I find both Copenhagen and Oslo much less stressed than Stockholm and its busy metro and centralstation, but on the other hand, Stockholm offers a great selection of culture and exciting restaurants like "Koh Pahnang" ( where you can step right into Thailand and the kids are specially welcome and very well treated. You can only reserve tables at weekends, monday - friday you'll have to get in line at the black board (if you have kids with you they chose one of their names and call their name when a table is ready - yourselves wait in the bar with a lovely drink, alcoholic or non-alcoholic while the kids can watch the fish in the aquariums when they've finished their beverage).

Before having dinner here, or the day after, you should go to Gamla Stan (the Old City) to watch the Stockholm Castle and the pittoresque little streets. Around 12 am the guards change shift, and it's really fun to watch, it's a whole ritual with guards on horses and on the ground in cool uniforms.

After watching this, go down the hill and into the museum "Livrustkammaren" where you can see wich clothes and prams the royal families used to wear decades ago, and the children can play knights, princesses and princes and dreess up in their play-area where they even get to try a real armour if they want!

                                                                 The castle
 Part of the museum

Treat yourselves with a "fika" (coffee and cake/cookie) in Gamla Stan, for example at "Kladdkakan" close to the metrostation where you also can get a really good healthy meal if you'd rather like that.

Having a short break so I'll continue writing on this guide. My personal favourite capital, as you already know, is Copenhagen, or Köbenhavn in Danish.
Relaxed, non-stressed city with great friendly people and great shopping.

Cutest orchestra at Rådhuspladsen, central Copengagen

 Tivoli at christmas

Tivoli is the central amusementpark in Copenhagen, with rides such as rollercoasters etc, a cosy christmasmarket but not very good food - in summertime Bakken, a few minutes drive at Strandvejen, a beautiful road along the coast with exclusive houses to glance at, is a better choice. Free entrance and great restaurants, take a ride around the park in a horse and carriage to see what's there and then go buy a ticket for around 20 euros for your kids and they can go up to 10 times at all the rides.

Samos Restaurant   Skindergade 29  1159 København K

Eating out with a bunch of kids can be rather expensive, but there are good budgetchoices once you find them!
Greek Restaurant Samos,
 just a stonethrow away from the main street Ströget is a great budget-choice with an all-you-can-eat lunch buffé for just 49 DKK (around 5 euros) our soup for 35 DKK, a glass of wine is about 30 DKK (around 3 euros). This is a popular place among te locals so prepare to wait in line for a short while around business lunch time - worth waiting though, the food is both great and cheap!

Danish kids fashion is big and look great, brands like Molo, Me too and Katvig are huge and very popular, especially among young parents.'s a bit expensive, so I always try to come here around Molos big sales in may and november, sign up for their newsletter at and you get an email with the dates some time before - they are never the same and the sale is 30-70 % off (30 % wednesday, 70% sunday)

Other great boutiques for childrens fashion are Zara kids, Illum and Magasin, and don't miss the lovely toystore Hamley's.

A short trainride away from Hovedbanegården (central station) is Lyngby, a small city with a wide range of shopping at good prices, there's also a big shoppingcentre called Fields close to the airport where you can find things a bit cheaper.

If you're driving in Denmark don't forget that you need a parking-disc that shows for how long you've been parked - otherwise you get a ticket. You can get one from a parking-guard or buy them really cheap at the tourstinformation/touristoffice.

Hotels are expensive in Copenhagen but a good budget choice is Copenhagen Go Hotel near the airport but still just a 7-minute ride with the metro from the city. And as it is a airporthotel, there's breakfast available early if you've got kids waking up long before sunrise :)

Small but smart and very clean and good-looking hotel.

 If you come to Scandinavia at summer time both Stockholm and Copenhagen are close to the ocean and great beaches for a swim.
Try Amager Strand in Copenhagen  or travel up north for cosy little villages by the sea, or the islands outside Stockholm.

And...last but not least - Oslo!

I remember coming here and alking at the main-street Karl-Johann with school as a kid. We went by bus and stayed for one day. A long trip from Gothenburg where I grew up for just a day but we had fun :)

The most fun day in Oslo is no doubt thier national day, May 17th - but it's also the most crowded!

As there is a newbuilt opera house in Oslo that could be fun to see the interesting architecture for both parents and kids,and the main-street and the castle of course!

Waiting for some more pics of kids entertainment in Oslo from a friend and I'll update this post tomorrow.

Find out more here:

Hope you find this little guide useful and I'll add some more information about other cities worth seeing while in Scandinavia next week!

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