tisdag 15 oktober 2013

Good morning!

 A typical day off in the auttumn, somewhere in Sweden (pic from

Beautiful autumnweather in Sweden today and I was so happy to see that some readers already found my blog, both in Sweden and in the States.

This week I'll write about the capitals in Scandinavia, although Stockholm want to name themselves "The capital of Scandinavia" I personally think Copenhagen is the obvious capital of Scandinavia, it's also the only capital I've been to where I could imagine living.

If you're planning a trip to Scandinavia for a longer time, don't just go to the capitals though, there are lots of nice and cosy smaller cities too!

The three biggest cities in my country for example is Stockholm , Gothenburg and Malmö and both Gothenburg and Malmö are great places to visit with kids. Combine you're trip to Malmö with a visit in Copenhagen, Helsingborg and Helsingör, or combine you're trip to Gothenburg with visiting the islands nearby.

Last weekend we had a french guy who is travelling through Sweden staying over at our place, he strongly recomended the island of Orust for example. Many people couldn´t understand how we as a family "dared"  to take in a couchsurfer, but we got to know him over internet/skype first and it was a great experience for the kids and also he got to see the actual life in Sweden, he went to our neighbours and to church with us and we tought him how to fish. :)
In exchange for food and accomodation we got beligian beer and a lot of candy, and also some carpenting done!
So don't hesitate if you get this oppurtunity, a great way to meet new friends and new cultures!

Soon it's time to wake my little one and get to preschool and work, but the guide to Scandinavia will hopefully be posted tonight.

Have a great day! (or night)

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