torsdag 17 oktober 2013

Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo udated!

I've spent the last few days on updasting these posts with pictures and more information, hope you'll find them helpful!

Also I read an article about Lisbon, Portugal in our local travelmagazine the other day - the article turned to young backpackers who was travelling on their own but it caught my interest anyway and I got really curious about this city, so I started searching the internet for som information about going there with kids - and it turns out it seems to be a great optione l with an ok price level for a citybreak with your children. :)

For example I think all of my children would be happy to go visit museums like the Children's museum and the electricity musum and there seems to be some nice parks too.

The other reason I thought of Lisbon as a good citytrip for our family was the cheap and great standard hostels at good locations - now I just have to find out if children are welcome to stay with their family at any one of them. The independente doesn't allow children under 16, but the other ones didn't have this information at their websites som I'm waiting for a reply from The Living Lounge, located near Chiado that seems to be the best area to stay with kids.

So I'll get back to you when I know more - at you can find good budgetplaces to stay at in Europe, lots of rewievs too.

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