fredag 18 oktober 2013

Lisbon, portugal & the living lounge

Got a very positive reply fr.o.m. The hostel I told you about earlier, children are more than welcome to stay and as for us, a family with three kids, they said they'd put in an extra babybed in a 4-bed-room at the same cost as 4 people :)

First impression:really good! Serviceminded staff and the Roms look grat standard fr a hostel, and our kids are big enough so shared bathroom in corridor won't be a problem.

Budget accomodation like this makes us beeing able to travel a lot more than we should be able to at our salary, so i'm always really happy to find them!

This weekend me and my kids are staying at my parents' in Gothenburg so we'll have a lot to do and report when we get back!

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